Wednesday, August 31, 2011

TI Is RELEASED From Prison!!! (Question: How Long Before He Gets LOCKED UP Again

 Today, rapper TI was released from FEDERAL prison. According to our peeps at TMZ, he's right now on his way to home confinement.
Congrats to TI . . . and we wish him the BEST OF LUCK. But you already KNOW that sometimes rappers are INCAPABLE of doing the right thing.
Now WE believe that TI will stay on the straight and narrow for the REST OF HIS DAYS. But for all of you NON-BELIEVERS . . . how long do YOU think it will take him to get LOCKED UP AGAIN!!!
We'll come back to this thread IF AND WHEN he is arrested. And the FIRST person (from the comments section below) that leaves the CLOSEST to the correct answer, will get $500 CASH from
Let the games BEGIN . . .

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