Friday, September 2, 2011

OOOOOH SH*T . . . Rapper TI Got Locked Up AGAIN . . . Just ONE DAY After Being Released!!! (All The EXCLUSIVE DETAILS Inside)

Early reports are that TI has been taken into FEDERAL CUSTODY. When TI was released from prison, he was picked up in a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR custom tour bus. And word is that TI had some . . how can we say this gently . . . QUESTIONABLE CHARACTERS with him on the bus. The po-po didn't like that . . . so they took him into custody
TMZ claims that they were upset not only with his entourage . . . but with the TOUR BUS ITSELF. Here's how they're reporting it:
[TI] allegedly misled prison officials into thinking he'd take a low-key mode of transportation from the prison to the halfway house -- and a tricked out tour bus isn't low-key.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ -- when a prisoner is incarcerated in a low or medium security prison ... prison officials can allow the inmate to use a private, unescorted mode of transportation to travel from the prison facility to the halfway house.
During the process of approving such a transfer, the prisoner must state specifically what mode of transportation he or she will be using. Our sources tell us ... T.I. informed prison officials he would be taking some sort of van, but made no mention of the high-end, pimped out tour bus.
TI has officially been TAKEN INTO CUSTODY and has been ARRESTED. And you know what THAT MEANS . . . someone won our $500 GUESS-WHEN-TI-WILL-GET-LOCKED-UP contest!!
Step right down and COLLECT YOUR PRIZE!!!
EDITOR'S UPDATE: TI was officially out of prison for a little longer than ONE DAY. The winner is MTO user shervanonline who said that he would be BACK IN JAIL in ONE DAY. To collect your $500 send us an email (from the email account you registered the username) at
Y'all better GET UP ON THIS. We're gonna be PAYING OUT for contests every couple of weeks . . .#MTORecessionMoney#

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