Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MTO EXCLUSIVE: We Got EXCLUSIVE Text Messages . . . Between DRAKE And A Former GF . . . Peep Drizzy's GAME . . . He Is WICKITY-WICKITY WHACK!!!

It appears that rapper DRAKE has some problems with one of his chicks. - his 27 year old ex-girlfriend, Kandice Henry. Apparently Drake went on the local Toronto radio station, “Flow 93.5″ this past Sunday. And while he was playing songs from his upcoming CD “Take Care” on the Toronto radio station, Drake said some real DISRESPECTFUL things about Kandice.
He then sent her the following text messages:
Drake: I am truly sorry if I offended you Drake: I just say whatever I think sometimes Drake: Our times together were hard but great Drake: I didn’t mean to play you
?Kandi’sKingdom : Why r u apologizing now after being so rude b4?
Drake: Its been on my mind
?Kandi’sKingdom : I don’t get u man I truly don’t ?Kandi’sKingdom : After all this time u still feel the need 2bring me up n say something negative in a public light then do the opposite in private ?Kandi’sKingdom : I don’t understand
Drake: I didn’t say anything negative!!! Drake: I even listened back Drake: I just said I went from one relationship to the next
?Kandi’sKingdom: No u said u went from one horrible relationship to a sun shiny one and ur bigg’in up a girl u on so many occasions talked bad about, said slept wit ur boys n shit and yet THATS a better situation2b in ?Kandi’sKingdom : I GUESS! ?Kandi’sKingdom: Not2mention laughing like it was some kinda joke
Drake: Even though our relationship was horrible… Drake: It came out wrong Drake: I didn’t mean for that to happen Drake: We had our good times but I went thru hell with u
?Kandi’sKingdom: Lol and I went through the same hell with u..we were BOTH in the same relationship remember? ?Kandi’sKingdom: And It wasn’t just horrible bc of ME yet u try2make the world think that and I’m not sure y ?Kandi’sKingdom: And how isn’t being with a girl u claim2love sleeping wit ur friends, who is such a “dark person” as u told ME about Nebby WORSE than our situation?

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