Tuesday, November 8, 2011


just spoke with a peron EXTREMELY close to Rihanna . . . and it looks like Rihanna may be PREGNANT!!!
Rihanna has canceled TWO shows in the last week. The official cause of the cancellations, is "The flu." But the unofficial word amongst people around her, is that she may be pregnant.
A member of Rihanna's camp told MediaTakeOut.com, "[The word] was that Robyn [Rihanna] had the flu, but we all suspect it's more than just that. She's no longer drinking - which is big for her - and she has a doctor traveling with us."
And it gets better. Rihanna's insider snitch explained, "Rihanna no longer carried ANYTHING. And she is on doctors orders to take it easy for the remainder of the tour."
So who is the father? It's not clear. But she had a secret rendezvous a few months back with ex-bf Matt Kemp. She also admitted to a brief fling last month with irish boxer Dudley O'Shaughnessy.

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