Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pregnant Beyonce Is AFRAID TO FLY . . . So She's DRIVING Cross Country In Her MILLION DOLLAR VAN!!! (Exclusive Pics)

Beyonce is used to flying FIRST CLASS, or traveling via PRIVATE JET. Well that's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, as long as she's pregnant. You see, according to a VERY TRUSTED insider, Beyonce is REFUSING TO FLY until the baby is born.
According to our snitch, Bey believes that the change of pressure could cause her to go into EARLY LABOR. And despite doctors assurances, Beyonce is not taking ANY chances.
And we have PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE. Check out these pics of Beyonce's van, driving down i-95, on its way to Miami. A day later, we see Beyonce lounging inside Jigga's BFF Alex Rodriguez' home.
You know what. We don't know Bey's MEDICAL HISTORY. But if she wants to make sure her pregnancy goes well . . . do what you gotta do Bey . . .

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