Sunday, November 13, 2011

SHOCK PICS!! Beyonce Shows Off A FLAT STOMACH . . . On National TV!!! (Where'd Her BUMP Go???) has been showing y'all pics for MONTHS now . . . which show an ODD reality about Beyonce's Baby Bump.
She performed TWO nights ago on Jimmy Fallon. And as the pics show . . . her baby bump was NOWHERE to be seen!!!
EDITOR'S UPDATE: Beyonce's people are claiming that she TAPED the performance THREE MONTHS AGO. Interesting, given that Jimmy Fallon's show was LIVE, and he introduced Beyonce as if she was LIVE in the studio.
We've NEVER heard of anyone pre-taping a performance THREE MONTHS in advance. Well that assumes that she REALLY DID tape it 3 months ago. We don't know WHAT to believe.

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