Saturday, November 19, 2011

WOOOOOOW!!! Chelsea Lately BLEW UP Demi And Ashton . . . Said They Engaged In THREESOMES . . . And Had An OPEN MARRIAGE!!!

Up until now, we've NOT been huge fans of Chelsea Handler (AKA Chelsea Lately). But last night, she CHANGED OUR MINDS. You see, she was on the Piers Morgan Show, and she did what NO HOLLYWOOD person is supposed to do - tell each others secrets.
During the interview, Chelsea claimed that Ashton and Demi had an OPEN MARRIAGE. She says that the two engaged in many THREESOMES with women. And that Demi got mad when Asthton started having sex with women and didn't include her.
Here are are exact word:
Chelsea: I think it's pretty obvious to everyone that they've had a lot of open marriage type situations, which always lead to problems.
Piers: You think so?
Chelsea: Well yeah. I think they had a lot of good times with other women. . . . Clearly they probably had a lot of THREESOMES which led to TWOSOMES without Demi, and that led to divorce.
DAYUMMMMM Chelsea . . . how RECKLESS you you. We LOVE IT!!!
What makes it so bad is that Demi put out a statement sounding all HIGH AND MIGHTY, talking about "I take my marriage vows seriously' LOL!!!

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