Friday, December 2, 2011

ASTRO May Have Gotten Voted Off X-FACTOR . . . But Guess Which Hip Hop STAR Just SIGNED Him!!! (This Dude STAY Winning)

Tonight after being voted off tv show Xfactor, Astronomical Kid (Brian Bradley) was just signed to Record Label, Roc-Nation.
Jay-Z, thirteen time grammy award winner, former CEO of Def Jam Recordings and founder of Roc-Nation said, " I first heard about this exciting new talent and decide to watch some of his performances. Jay-Z goes on to say, "Not only was I impressed with his performances, but to see the confidence he sang with, his lyrics and diction were on point."
And there's more. We're told that Jigga and 'em are working FEVERISHLY . . . to get Astro onto WILLOW SMITH'S new track.
Dude is gonna be BIGGER than if he WON X-Factor!!!

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