Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beyonce Set To Give Birth . . . AT ANY MOMENT!!! (We Got ALL The Details . . . And UPDATES)

EXCLUSIVELY learned that last night, nurses and security at New York's St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital were placed on ALERT, and told that a very HIGH PROFILE patient was checking in TODAY - to give BIRTH!!!
According to TWO nurses at the hospital, the "Celebrity VIP" has booked HALF THE FLOOR of the hospital's luxury "Labor and Delivery Suite."
It hasn't yet been CONFIRMED that it's Beyonce (and hospitals CAN'T legally comment on their patients) . . . but that's DEFINITELY what the entire HOSPITAL is buzzing about!!! FYI, this is the EXACT same suite that Bey's BFF Alicia Keys used to deliver HER baby.
Beyonce spoke about her due date in a video made in late September. According to Beyonce, as of TODAY she is more than 9 months pregnant.
Oh, and for all you CONSPIRACY theorists out there . . . the section that was reserved has enough space to deliver THREE babies. And can host up to a DOZEN people overnight.

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