Monday, December 12, 2011

Jay Z Leaves Beyonce In VEGAS HOTEL . . . While He Parties It Up . . . With A WHITE GIRL!!! (Oh Yeah . . . We Got PICS)

EXCLUSIVE pics of Jay Z in Las Vegas' club Lavo last night. These pics were taken by an MTOer, because cameras were BANNED from the event. And NO PAPARAZZI was allowed NEAR the club.
Why the secrecy??? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Jay Z showed up to the event with a BLONDE. Now mind you, Beyonce WAS IN VEGAS at the time. But we guess she ain't want to go to the club with her hubby!!
Now we have absolutely NO IDEA who that BLONDE was with Jay Z. But as ANYONE who has been in a party with Jay Z knows .. . his security don't let ANYONE get that close unless he WANTS YOU THERE.

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