Friday, December 2, 2011

Jay Z's NEWEST BEEF . . . . With Rap/Singer FRANK OCEAN!!! (Details) got some EXCLUSIVE NEWS!!! It appears that Kanye West isn't the only EGO MANIAC that Jay Z has to deal with.
A VERY well trusted snitch told us that Jigga is FURIOUS with his former protege, rapper Frank Ocean. And if it was up to Jigga, he'd DROP him from Def Jam.
What happened? Well Frank EXTORTED Jigga - for close to a MILLION DOLLARS. You see, Frank produced a NUMBER of songs for Jay and Kanye West's new Watch The Throne album. Jay, thinking that he was COOL with Frank, never got a CONTRACT for all of Frank's work. But the two had a HANDSHAKE AGREEMENT as to price.
Well once the album was complete, Frank asked for more than TWICE what they agreed to.
So Jigga and them had to pay up. But knowing Jay . . . he ain't gonna let ISH LIKE THAT slide . . .

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