Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: We Have The REAL DETAILS About Sheree From The Atlanta Housewives . . . And Why She AIN'T GETTING Child Support!!!

While watching this season of The Rea Housewives Of Atlanta, we were CONFUSED. was consistently CONFUSED .. . as to WHY Sheree isn't getting ANY child support. And we were even more CONFUSED as to why Sheree DIDN'T ALLOW Phaedra to enforce the Child Support ORDER against her ex-husband BOB WHITFEILD . . . and have his AZZ THROWN IN JAIL.
Well, we did some research, and uncovered some SHOCKING documents. We found a LEGAL PROCEEDING from two years ago, which shows that Sheree attempted to DEFRAUD her ex-husband out of their mansion.
Here's what happened. When Sheree and Bob got divorced, the court ordered them to SELL the house, split the proceeds. And for Bob to give Sheree $425K in additional cash.
The way it was supposed to work is that Bob would pay her $25K up front, and the other $400K once they sold the house. Well Sheree TRICKED Bob, and asked him if he could give her the $400K early, so that she could get a home for their children.
And after Bob gave her the money, Sheree filed MULTIPLE lawsuits, and refused to leave the house or pay the mortgage. Eventually the bank foreclosed on the house, and Bob lost ALL the equity he had in the home.
SOOOOO . . . . according to the docs, the court ADMONISHED Sheree for her behavior. And it suggested that she may OWE Bob a ton of money, for F*CKING up his equity in the house.
And we'd bet that if she tried to get the money for her CHILD SUPPORT from Bob, he'd COUNTER-SUE her and she'd have to pay him the money she SCAMMED from him first.
That's F*CKED up though . . . cause it's just the CHILDREN that are suffering!!!

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