Saturday, December 17, 2011

MTO WORLD SUPER-EXCLUSIVE!! Meet The Blonde JUMPOFF . . . That F*CKED Up Kobe Bryant's MARRIAGE!!! (And Yes . . . We Got NEKKID Pics)

Yesterday, the world was RATTLED with news that NBA superstar Kobe Bryant's wife filed for DIVORCE. In the divorce papers, Vanessa admitted that Kobe ROUTINELY cheated on her, but that his LATEST AFFAIR was the last straw.
Soooo . . . we know what you're thinking - who's the chick, and WHAT happened??? Well learned that for many months, Kobe has been carrying on with Playboy Model Jessica Burciaga.
According to our rock solid snitch Kobe and Jessica have NOT ONLY been dating - but that Kobe was TRICKING OFF major paper to this JESSICA girl. And we mean, TAAAAA-RRRICKIN dollars and gifts worth well into the SEVEN FIGURE RANGE!!!
And when Vanessa learned that Kobe was not only F*CKIN some chick . . . but was TRICKIN off her HARD EARNED FORTUNE (lol) to some Playboy model . . . it was time to file papers!!
This is a EXCLUSIVE report, if you don't credit us, we will NEVER link to a story by your media organization, EVER!!
Oh, and now what you've all been waiting for . . . the NEKKID PICS!!!

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