Thursday, December 8, 2011

Next Season Of Single Ladies Is Gonna Be CRAZY . . . LisaRaye Turns LEZZY!! (Pics Of The Girl She'll Be F*CKIN Inside)

VH1's TOP RATED series SINGLE LADIES is going to go through a COUPLE of changes next season - all of which will be BLOCKBUSTERS. According to an INSIDER close to the production team, the producers of the show (including QUEEN LATIFAH) will be filming some LESBIAN LOVE SCENES between LisaRaye and the newly brought in actress Denise Vasi.
The insider EXCLUSIVELY told, "Executive producer Queen Latifah is contemplating on having a lesbianic fling between Denise Vasi character Raquel and Lisa Raye's character Keisha." The insider continued, "Denise I'm told had to audition with Lisa Raye to see how their chemistry would be in front of the camera."
Wow . . . both ladies are GORGEOUS. This could get INTERESTING!!!

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