Friday, December 23, 2011

SHOCK PICS: Beyonce Photo'd Out YESTERDAY . . . Looking WAAAAY Smaller Than She Looked This WEEKEND . . . People Are Saying She Was WEARING A FAT SUIT!!!

 Rumors are HEATING UP over photos of Beyonce taken by a surveillance camera inside a Vancouver store (below). That pic is COMPLETELY UNEDITED BY US.
Now compare that Beyonce . . to the one ABOVE taken yesterday by paparazzi - who were CALLED and TIPPED OFF to Beyonce's whereabouts.
The Vancouver pic was NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN. Beyonce's security personnel specifically BANNED cameras from the store. She was supposed to just stop by, be seen by a couple of fans INSIDE THE MALL, and that's that.
Unfortunately for Beyonce, the department store LEAKED pics of her shopping, so we GOT TO SEE what she looked like.
And if she AIN'T wearing a fat suit . . . something must be WRONG WITH OUR EYES!!!

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