Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tiffany NEW YORK Pollard Is Dishing The Dirt . . . She Talks About Flav's D*CK SIZE . . . And One Of The Men Begged Her To USE A STRAP ON!!

One of's roving correspondent's, BIMBO WINEHOUSE ran into Miss NEW YORK at a popular GAY CLUB in NYC.
Here's what he had to say:
Last Saturday Night, Vh-1’s Tiffany Pollard AKA New York hosted a Party at Secret Night Club, a very well known Gay Lounge here in NYC. Anyway, I had a mini interview with her and boy, did she reveal a lot to me.
She let me know, Flavor flav is packing, I guess that’s to make up for them hideous looks and he enjoys eating a mean pu**y. She also, revealed 80% 0f the dudes, from both season 1 and season 2 of, “I LOVE NEW YORK” She thought were all suspect. She said, they only seemed interested in her, while the cameras were on. Once the cameras were off, it was another story, it was like One Big sausage fest in jail!
She also discreetly , let me know, once while her and CHANCE from season 1 were getting it in, he asked her if she could strap on a didlo and f*** him in his ass! She said, she planned on doing it, but it never happened! But, she still wants to. LOL....
I also, asked her feeling towards, Jennifer Hudson and “PUNK” She said, she’s very happy for the two, But Jennifer WAKE UP Honey!

She also let me know,, there may be an Possibility of, “I LOVE NEW YORK 3” Sometime in 2012. She’s currently in a relationship, but she’s not sure how much longer it will last! I Must say, the breast implants did Wonders for her, she looked great! Lastly, since it was a Gay Club, I asked, Out of all the flavor of love chicks, which 1 of them meatballs, would she love to have in the bed for some GIRL ON GIRL ACTION. Surprisely, She said, Deelishis and then she started to laugh Loudly.

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