Friday, December 30, 2011

We've All Heard Of CRAZY STANS . . . But This Kanye West Fan Took Things To A WHOLE NEW LEVEL! (She's WORSE Than The Girl Who TATTED Drake On Her HEAD)

 When we saw the girl who TATTED Drake on her forehead we were like . . . it DON'T GET WORSE than that. But then we met Ms. Kanye West. And yes . . . that is the chick's GOVERNMENT NAME!!!
You see, this one stan went to court and had her name LEGALLY CHANGED to "Kanye West". Oh and is that wasn't enough, she shaved the word KANYE on the back of her head.
And to top it all off, she got the name KANYE tatted on her AZZ.
Ye may need to step up his security . . .

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