Monday, January 23, 2012

REPORT: Fat Joe's Wife FILES FOR DIVORCE!!! (Explosive Details) confirmed this afternoon that the long time marriage between Fat Joe and Lorena Cartegena has ended after after 17 years.
Here's how it all popped off, according to one of Lorena's friends:
Lorena has been suspecting for more than a year of Joe's infidelities, especially with a specific young indian looking muslim chick from Dubai.
Pics were sent to Lorena’s phone of Joe and the chick from a very close terror squad source. He was flying the chick all over the place…and out in public with her going to knicks games and other places!
I guess when you lose some weight and could see your d*ck again this is what happens! Lorena was with him in his fat days. But she will be getting a NICE FAT check! Too bad for the indian muslim chick she must like sloppy leftovers and saggy tities.

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