Monday, February 13, 2012

MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj And Her BF Scaff Beezy Get Into A HEATED FIGHT . . . Just A FEW MINUTES Before The Grammys!!!

just got wind that Nicki Minaj and her BF Safaree for into a VICIOUS FIGHT this afternoon. And as a result of the fight, Nicki KICKED SAFAREE out of the house.
According to a member of Young Money, Nicki and Safaree had been going through "issues" for many months. And many close to Nicki felt that her relationship with Safaree was DESTRUCTIVE.
Well this afternoon t came to a head. According to our Young Money insider Nicki and Safaree got into a HEATED argument, over what Nicki was wearing to tonight's Grammy's.
The two yelled, threw things . . . and in the end, Nicki had her bodyguards PHYSICALLY REMOVE Safaree from her home.
And the two DIDNT make up yet either. Nicki was NOT with Safaree at the Grammy's

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