Monday, July 30, 2012

MTO SUPER-WORLD EXCLUSIVE: LOVE AND HIP HOP STAR STEVIE J DUMPS HIS FIANCE JOSELINE . . . AND HIS NEW CHICK . . .IS PREGNANT!!! just got some EXTREMELY interesting news. Stevie J and Joseline are NO LONGER TOGETHER . . . according to our snitch Stevie DUMPED Joseline - whom he JUST got engaged to a few weeks ago.
What happened? Well it's NOT CLEAR . . . but we're told that Stevie and a woman named Tammie Grant are TOGETHER. Stevie and Tammie have known each other for a long time, and Tammie is his partner at Stevie's record label - The SJ Music Group. Tammie was married to NBA player Gary Grant and is now divorced. is told that the two are EXPECTING A CHILD together too. The pregnancy was planned between Stevie and Tammie and the pair is in talks to get married.
We kinda sorta feel bad for Joseline . . . but then again . . . you LOSE EM how you GOT EM!!

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