lil wayne seizure
Miss Info: So, the most important thing is that, as Birdman, Mack Maine and others have confirmed, Lil Wayne is doing “fine.” But honestly, before you dismiss the TMZ story (which is still up, interestingly enough) as complete bs….I’ve had more than one insider confirm that Wayne did suffer another round of seizures, serious ones, at that. And while he’s conscious, he’s not feeling dandy like nothing happened. He’s in the hospital for the second time in 3 days. This man is clearly having a health crisis. And an intervention seems like a crucial step…Yes. Intervention.
There’s always been drug fetishism in hip hop, but usually on the commerce side, and the hustlers’ lifestyle. Now it’s all about user glamour. And just like we’ve had “wake up calls” (however fleeting) about violence in hip hop, and promiscuity in hip hop, and obesity in hip hop…the drug problems that have plagued Hollywood, rock, pop, and art….are hanging over some of us too. Like a guillotine.
Not to be preachy. We all have to choose our own path.