Monday, November 28, 2011

JoJo Simmons Was KIDNAPPED By Goons!! (He Was ABDUCTED Inside A Houston Skrip Club)

 It may well be time for an INTERVENTION in the life of troubled reality star JoJo Simmons. He's been caught in one controversy after ANOTHER in recent weeks.
His latest scandal occurred last night, when JoJo was ABDUCTED by street dudes - and forced to pay the HOOD TAX before being released.
Here's what we know, JoJo was partying with a bunch of celebrity friends, including Quincy Combs and popular rapper Hazel E, at a popular HOUSTON strip club. All of his friends left the club at around 3 AM, but JoJo stayed - by HIMSELF. (Bad Move)
When JoJo attempted to leave, approximately an hour later, he was approached by a group of GOONS who took him into a back room and HELD HIM THERE AGAINST HIS WILL. The men claimed that JoJo OWED THEM MONEY, but its not clear WHY or HOW, since JoJo had NEVER met any of them.
JoJo was smart though, and he paid his HOOD TAX, (his chain??) and was allowed to leave. is told that JoJo was MANHANDLED, and was TOUCHED UP a little, but suffered no serious DAMAGE. We were also told that JoJo has no plans of "snitching" to the police.
This dude is really OUT OF CONTROL. It's obvious that this RAP ISH ain't for the young dude. He needs to take his BEHIND back to church with his dad .. . . and make that work for him.

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