Monday, November 28, 2011

Rihanna's BROKE . . . The RECESSION Hit Her . . . She's Forced To Do A SHORT SALE On Her MANSION!!!

Earlier this year that R&B singer Rihanna has been under some SEVERE FINANCIAL PRESSURE lately. Well it's all come to a head.
We learned that Rihanna is SHORT SELLING her mansion. The Bajan singer is asking sellers to pay $2.5 MILLION LESS than the amount she paid for the home just two years ago.
The home was just put up for listing - and is being listed as a SHORT SALE - meaning that Rihanna's MORTGAGE on the home is greater than the amount of money she's ASKING.
So we know what you're thinking - isn't it a SMART idea to do a short sale if the value of the home is less than the amount of the mortgage owed. Well the fact is that banks will NOT approve of a short sale, if they believe the borrower has the FINANCES to continue paying the mortgage. So that means unless she's BROKE or under financial DISTRESS . . . she CAN'T do a short sale. And if she KNOWINGLY advertised the sale of her home as a SHORT SALE (like she did below) knowing that she WOULD NOT QUALIFY, that could be considered a FRAUD.
And even if they DO approve of the short sale, the DAMAGE to Rihanna's credit would be severe. She'd be unable to get another mortgage on a home for at least 5 years.
So HOW could Rihanna be under such financial distress . . . isn't she one of the BIGGEST ARTISTS in the world? Well maybe we can ask her MANAGER, Jay Z and em . . . .

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