Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MTO BLOCKBUSTER: You Know That Home R Kelly Let Go Into Foreclosure . . . Well It Was His STASH HOUSE For Underage Girl!!! (Exclusive Details And Pics)

EARTH SHATTERING Gossip. Remember that Olympia Fields home - the one which we reported is now being sold in a SHORT SALE - well R Kelly used that home - to stash the UNDERAGE GIRL who he was caught on tape MOLESTING!!!
According to a source close to R Kelly, "Mr. Kelly moved [Reshona (the girl he molested) ] into his Olympia Fields home as a hide out sort of...back in 2005 approximately." In addition, the girl and her family were placed on R Kelly's PAYROLL up until the MOLESTATION TRIAL in 2007.
The insider continued, "Fast forward to after the acquittal, Mr. Kelly got cocky . . . Reshona believed that keeping loyal and and living with Mr. Kelly and him going through a divorce meant she would be wife he told her and her parents he would do the right thing this is why they forgave him and never admitted to the tape."
But R Kelly DIDN'T marry Reshona. In fact, he STOPPED PAYING THE MORTGAGE on the home where on purpose and the house went into a short sale. The insider added, "I personally know that Mr. Kelly wanted her out of the home and wanted to start fresh and but didn't know how to put her out and get the family to stop leeching. . . . Reshona moved back to her parents home and Mr. Kelly is playing broke to get them off his back. "
Dang . . . well we CAN'T feel sorry for ReShona. She should have had his PERVERTED AZZ locked up when she had the chance.
By the way, peep the pics of Rashona below.

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