Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Now We KNOW Why Erica And Kimbella REALLY FOUGHT . . . Kim Stole The RAPPER . . . Who Took Erica's VIRGINITY!! (The UNBELEVABLE Pics . . . Details)

The DRAMA on the show Love And Hip Hop is reaching NEW HIGHS. You'll recall that on Sunday night, Erica Mena got into a HAIR PULLING match with Kimbella, over some SILLINESS!!! Well it turns out that there was MORE to the story.
Accordingt o a TOP behind the scenes SNITCH, Erica is still ANGRY with Kimbella, and feels that she stole the man who TOOK HER VIRGINITY - rapper FABOLOUS. Yes, Emily's MAN Fabolous.
Here's what we know. Emily met Fabolous when she was 17 YEARS OLD on the set of his video BREATHE. The two hit it off and had a relationship. And YES, Fab WAS wirh Emily at this time.
Anyways, Erica believed that she was Fab's TOP MISTRESS and that he would not MESS AROUND with any other girls. Well silly Erica soon learned that Fab wasn't being truthful to her . . . and he started dating FELLOW VIDEO MODEL Kimbella.
We're told that Erica was BROKEN HEARTED over whet she felt was BETRAYAL by Fab, and has held HARSH FEELINGS for Kimbella ever since.
Dang boo . . but you were the JUMPOFF THOUGH. You don't have the RIGHT to be mad at some other chick DOING TO YOU . . . what you were doing to EMILY!!!
They need to change the tile of the show LOVE AND HIP HOP to the title, CHICKS WHO F*CKED FABOLOUS. Cause we hear that CHRISSY had some history with Fab too!!! Dude must have a GOLDEN D*CK . . .

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