Sunday, January 8, 2012

BREAKING NEWS!! Beyonce Gave Birth - And It's A GIRL . . . Named Ivy Blue!!! (Find Out WHO The Baby Looks Like)

Congrats To Beyonce and Jay Z - Bey gave birth last night inside a NYC hospital. The baby, who was born nearly 7 pounds and with distinct "chocolate skin", is name Ivy Blue.
Beyoncé checked into NYCs Lennox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side under the name Ingrid Jackson, yesterday afternoon.She booked out the entire fourth floor, spending $1.3million.
On Saturday night, deliveries of takeaway food and bottles of red wine were being delivered to the hospital's private wing.
So what does the baby look like. A family friend told, baby Ivy is "brown like Jay Z and has Jay's nose, ears, and mouth. She's adorable."

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