Monday, January 2, 2012

Flo Rida's BABYS MAMA Is Putting Him ON BLAST . . . He's DENYING The Kid . . . But Even STEVIE WONDER Can Tell That's His Baby!! (Pics)

Flo Rida needs to be 'SHAMED OF HIMSELF. You see, his SONS MOTHER is a longtime MTOer named Gloria and she was trying QUIETLY to work out a REASONABLE child support settlement with the rapper.
But dude DENIED that he was their sons father. In fact, according to Gloria he even went so far as to get a FAKE PATERNITY TEST (which DIDN'T have his name on it) in order to NOT PAY FOR HIS SEED.
Well Gloria would like to officially PUT DUDE ON BLAST. Why wouldn't he want to be in the life of that adorable young man . . .

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