Thursday, January 19, 2012

MTO SHOCK REPORT: R&B Singer Ashanti Was Seen FLIRTING With Jay Z . . . And Jigga Was 'RECEPTIVE'!! (Pics)

Beyonce may need to hurry up and heal . . . so that she can BUST A CHICK'S AZZ. Celebrities were out in FULL FORCE at the re-launch of Jay Z's 40-40 club in NYC.
Just about EVERYONE who is ANYONE in New York was there . .. and the place looked great. One issue though . . .. ASHANTI.
According to a snitch, R&B singer Ashanti was "flirting" with new dad Jay Z, Beyonce's husband. The insider explained, "It was embarrassing, [Jay z] was there mingling with people and Ashanti was standing right there like they were together." The insider continued, "[Jay ] was loving it though, he was all smiles . . . I don't think I ever saw him smile that much and that hard."
And that's not all. The two hip hop legends later met up AGAIN, at a party at NY hotspot 1Oak. The insider told, "She was sitting at [Jay Zs] table, laughing at everything he said and he was the same with her." And added, "I wanted to go over there and check that [chick] for Beyonce."
But get this. Word is that the two singers are in talks to do a track together. So you know what thay means . . . late night studio sessions.
Bey, Ashanti is known for SLEEPING with married men . . . ask Irv Gotti's wife. If we were you, we'd keep that chick as FAR from Jigga as you possibly can . . 

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