Thursday, January 19, 2012

WOOOOOOW!!! Rapper Fabolous Brings ANOTHER CHICK To A Red Carpet Event . . . Not His REALITY STAR BABYS MOTHER Emily!!! (Pics)

We can't even be MAD at Fab. Emily is such a DUMMY that she'll accept whatever he does. So he MIGHT AS WELL be RECKLESS WITH IT!! got an EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEAK into the upcoming episodes of Love And Hip Hop - and in it, Fab and Emily GET BACK TOGETHER. And they are SUPPOSEDLY together AS WE SPEAK. In fact, there were even rumors that Emily might even be PREGNANT AGAIN.
But none of that stopped Fab from bringing one of his JUMPOFFS to the red carpet re-opening of Jay Zs 40-40 club last night.
EMILY . . . SMH!!!

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